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Tomás Peña Villalba travelling with his Vespa. Photo courtesy of the author.

June 2023 (G.T.) –My name is Tomás Peña Villalba, I am originally from Colombia, I am 23 years old, and I am an enthusiast of your bikes and scooters. I am writing because I have currently undertaken a thrilling trip through all of Latin American on one of your wonderful Vespas; mine is a 2016 VXL 155 model. I am happy to share my experience and express my satisfaction with the outstanding performance of your vehicles.”

Tomás Peña Villalba travelling with his Vespa: Salar de Atacama, salt desert in Chile. Photo courtesy of the author.

This is how the email began from Tomás which the Wide Piaggio Group Magazine editorial staff received on 23 May. And he continues: “During my trip, I travelled through countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and I am currently in Argentina. I have had the opportunity to capture unique and fascinating moments along this incredible voyage, demonstrating that with a Vespa you can reach any place.

Tom’s Vespa on the trip. Photo courtesy of the author.

Observing the quality and the aesthetics of your vehicles, I have taken numerous photographs which highlight the beauty of Vespas in various settings and landscapes of Latin America.In order to finance my trip and the purchase of some parts such as tyres, a belt, and rollers to continue my journey, I would be pleased to offer Wide readers who are Vespa travel enthusiasts like me the opportunity to purchase some of these photographs. I think that these images express the adventurous essence of Vespa and convey the sensation of freedom that I experience every day of my trip through the South American continent astride my beloved two-wheeler.”

Tomás Peña Villalba travelling with his Vespa: unexpected encounters. Photo courtesy of the author.

Along with the email, Tom sent some of his truly fascinating images – which you can see in this article; and there is no lack of fun and unconventional snapshots. And, since this young Colombian Vespista who lives in Bogotá piqued our interest, we wanted to get to know him better and dedicate an interview to him. Here it is.
¡Hola Tomás! tell us a bit about yourself. How did the idea of becoming a traveller-blogger on a Vespa come about?
I have always had the dream of travelling the world, I consider that travelling is the activity that makes you grow the most as a person. Since I was little, I have always been a big fan of the Vespa brand, and when I had the opportunity to buy one, without thinking about it I made the purchase and with a lot of courage I promised myself that I would tour America on it. This is how I would unite two things that make me happy, scooters and travelling. It was not an easy decision, when I told people, my friends, my family that I would make the trip on it, they called me crazy, and it is completely understandable because the Vespa motorcycle is not usually thought of as a motorcycle made for the Adventure. But all that filled me with courage and to show that this challenge that I wanted to propose was possible. To show that a great outfit is not necessary to travel, but on the contrary, with what you like, patience and empathy you can get anywhere.”

In Buenos Aires, Argentina.

When did you leave Bogotá? And how many kilometres have you travelled so far?
I left on April 28, 2023 and I have travelled 11,234 kilometres.”
Did you already have the Vespa or did you choose it specifically for this trip?
I already had the bike, a year and a half ago.”
How did you outfit yourself to tackle the ride? What did you pack?
The first thing was to do all the necessary mechanical maintenance on the motorcycle and buy spare parts that it might need during the journey. I prefer to go light as luggage, I only take what is necessary, some items of clothing, mostly black, personal hygiene items, tools, always food and drink, and a lot of courage.”
What have been the most exciting moments of your route so far?
It would be difficult to choose a moment, every day offers you new challenges and emotions. The immense deserts in Peru, the Ecuadorian jungle, the Atacama in Chile, the Paso de Jama in Argentina! It has all been very exciting.”

And the main difficulties you’ve encountered?
The greatest difficulty has been finding spare parts, it is very difficult when you go to small towns or cities that are not large to find the necessary spare parts for maintenance. As well as the small tyres that are not made for rough roads.”
What sort of welcome do you receive as you travel through towns in different nations?
Everyone is curious that the trip is on a scooter, people always welcome me with smiles and questions about the trip.”
Have you met other Vespisti on your travels?
“I have not found anyone doing the same journey, but in cities I have had the opportunity to meet groups of Vespas who share the love of the brand and have received me with great affection: El Avispero in Ecuador, Vespa Club Buenos Aires, Rosario Vespa Club, Vespa Club Cordoba, G4W in Colombia.”
Besides travel and photography, what are you passionate about?
“I love everything that has to do with art, performing arts, theatre, writing.”

Go, Tom, may the road be with you! ¡Vamos Tom, que el camino te acompañe!

Left - the Vespa on the trip. Photo courtesy of the author. Right, Tomás with Salvador Mateo Ruiz of Vespa Club Rosario (who sent us the photo), Argentina. Vespa travellers all around the world can always count on the friendship and support provided by the vast network of Vespisti (Vespa passionates) organised in the national and local clubs affiliated with the Vespa World Club.


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