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November 2022 – “In creating a project for MOTOMAX METZ, we had the chance to personalise a brand new V9 BOBBER to incarnate the spirit of the classic V8 Moto Guzzi for the brand’s one-hundredth anniversary. We began with the design process, including the main design aspects that create the character of the V8 and reworking them into functional parts for the V9 platform. The V8 has such an iconic design with its teardrop ‘windbreaker’ and air intakes, hand fabricated aluminium fuel tank, suede leather seat, and racing position.” This is the brief description of the classic special available from LM/Luuc Muis Creations, the renowned workshop in Groningen (The Netherlands), on their website:
A summary description that conceals a huge job, both in terms of design and high-level creation of this truly unique and extremely original Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber that evokes the spirit of the fifties-era V8 500 GP 8-cylinder, a legend in motorcycle racing.

This 1957 model (in the photo on the right in a race with champion Keith Campbell in the saddle) is a restyling of the first model which came out in 1954, by the engineer Giulio Cesare Carcano. The second version dating from 1957 was the racing motorcycle dreamed of by the engineer, which became a reality and the most famous Moto Guzzi racing bike of all time. Thus the final version of the famous 90-degree V four-stroke eight-cylinder engine with a capacity of 498.5 cc came about, becoming an icon in the history of motorcycle racing. This new, more powerful and modern engine, in addition to allowing a top speed of 275 km/h, adopted innovative technical solutions, such as the single spar frame which, allowing for smaller oil and coolant reservoirs, freed up valuable space around the sizeable engine.” (Source: Moto Guzzi 100 years press kit).

The café racer built by LM Creations and inspired by a glorious racing model from the past, astonishes and attract modern riders, skilfully mixing elements and styles. The project was born out of a request from a French motorcycle dealer in Metz, Motomax Metz, who turned to Muis to design a project to celebrate the centennial of the Eagle brand from Mandello (1921-2021). The choice of customizer Muis fell to a modern factory MG V9 Bobber to rework in such a way that it would be able to evoke the spirit of one of the most iconic bikes in Moto Guzzi’s hundred year long history and motorcycling in general:

The specialised press covered at length the creation by Muis, who explained that he wanted to maintain most of the factory V9 Bobber intact, focusing on the V8 style fairings, made by hand in cast aluminium, as was the fuel tank. And, in order to emulate the handmade look of the vintage V8, the creator intentionally opted for irregular welds and, enlisting the services of Custom Coatings, to use aluminium powder coat on the bike’s body instead of glossy paint, precisely to maintain that vintage allure. It is also noteworthy that the air intakes on the fairing were maintained, here with the openings facing the head of the Bobber’s V engine.

Last, but not least, the special touches on the brown suede leather saddle, the LED headlamp and turn indicators, built into the body, white retro style hand grips, and dual shock absorbers to raise the rear part for a more accentuated racing position. We can’t help but wonder if riding this extremely special Bobber would make you feel just a bit like Keith Campbell.

Source of images and info: LUUC MUIS/LM CREATIONS